The Origins of Our Children are Listening

Itzel Family Portrait
Our family through the eyes of a four-year-old

In January of 2017, my six-year-old daughter and I were driving home from the grocery store when I encountered a new phase of my life as a father and professional. I was busy thinking about dinner with the news quietly playing in the background. Suddenly, she asked, “Why would they want to build a wall? Will we still be able to see Vito (great grandfather in Juarez, Mexico)?”  I could not stay silent

This website is for anyone who does not want to stay silent.  We must LISTEN! SPEAK UP! ENGAGE! and UNITE! with children and each other.  You are not the only one feeling like you hear messages of (in)justice and (in)equity everytime you encounter a written, visual or audio news story.  Whether it’s about racismaddictionNative American relations, suicide, child sex trafficking, or the other countless messages we experience, our children are listening.

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